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stream of consciousness
The bricks on the wall of the neighboring apartment sprawled like ghost in a Catholic churchyard. Replicating themselves forever no matter where I looked and justifying my insanity. I heard firecrackers in the distance, and almost, I felt a spark. A spark that meant the revolution had begun. The brick wall then would come violently down, smiling faces raising nondescript flags of rebellion above their heads clattering through the debris, so pleased with themselves that they had won the day.
I wake up to the sound of sirens. No, scratch that. It's all in my head. My dad is really just talking about gremlins or knitting or some shit; mom is crying on the inside.
Owwlliiiiieeee. I'm HUNGRY!
Duty calls.
Do you want a pancake, I ask? No.
Tuna? No.
I don't know.
Why can't I guess? I should be able to figure it out, but the accursed fog makes it impossible to think. I take the meds, I can't think. I flush the meds I go insane. Psychedelic spirals form out of the simple
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Light That Never Goes Out by ninjarat1 Light That Never Goes Out :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 0 2 Sleepy Sky by ninjarat1 Sleepy Sky :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 1 1 This Is My Brain On Radiohead by ninjarat1 This Is My Brain On Radiohead :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 1 1 more mental hospital doodles by ninjarat1 more mental hospital doodles :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 1 1 The Owl and the Bird by ninjarat1 The Owl and the Bird :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 1 1 The Squid by ninjarat1 The Squid :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 3 6 mental hospital doodle 2 by ninjarat1 mental hospital doodle 2 :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 0 0 mental hospital doodle 1 by ninjarat1 mental hospital doodle 1 :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 0 0 The Eye by ninjarat1 The Eye :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 1 1
This actually happened to me.
A man approached me
The charm of the devil
And a trustworthy demeanor
Poisonous in it's wholesomeness
He said he'd seen it all
He said he'd been to hell and back
And I believed him
He asked me to give my soul to a God
For my sake, lest I fall as far as him
He said that I should come to his church
He told me I would learn to love and live and laugh
The way I should have known all along
I nodded my head
And told him I would
I'll never go to that church
I'll never see that man again
He might have thought I'd be a man of God someday
He might have thought I'd turn away from him, and I did
He must have thought that just because I took a kit-kat bar from a Walmart
That I was a dirt-bag
A freak
A nasty fuck
He saw the jean jacket
The dirty shoes
The shifty eyes
And the pants that I ashed on when I didn't have an ashtray
But I'll tell you what he didn't see
Standing on the precipice
As he spoke about God I thought about stars and the abyss
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If society abandons reason, and if it abandons you, abandon society.
Fat dude on a bike
And a whale that blew up on a mo-ped
Oh shit, 9/11, something happened
Sit there you fucking vampire
Glued to your television like it's 1984
Like heroin rushing through an addict's veins
The audio visual stimulus raises every hair on your arms
It's just like a dream within a dream
Live in your world, play in ours
Believe in ours
Line up
Sit down
Shut up
It's tragic
Send money
Feed the children
Send money
We have a new set of knives for you
Lots of videos
America's Funniest even
This kid hit his head on the swings
Laugh at it you automaton
At the Circuses
Eat the bread
Line up
Sit down
Shut up
It's tragic
We can tell you how all the shit went down
There's so much going on
Here's an analyst
Buy his book
Send the money to us
He can tell you how all that shit went down
How it all happened
Thousands died
Also, a man killed his whole family
But you know what's funny?
Watch scru
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Ode to the Machine
Clockwork Heart
   1) Autogenesis
   2) Asynchronism
   3) I, Anima
   4) Clockwork Heart
   5) Ode to the Machine
   6) Terminus
   7) Ode to the Machine pt. II
// Very progressive galloping music
As the cog slowly turns,
Alas, there is only one thing
That which we do
Is that which we create
What we create is what we are
// Unyielding slow progression
Impatiently moving down an empty road
The fuel in the tank is a heavy load
But the meshing of the plates on the driveshaft
Is forcing the machine to evolve–round trip
There is nothing to fear
Ascension is near
The machine is growing
Life force is flowing
Pistons pound
Fuel burns fast
Complexity enigma
Constrainedly pushing
Ever farther, ever to omega
[End Chorus]
The synchronicity is starting to fold
And thusly t
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Shades of Grey
Shades of Grey
I'm seeing things in shades of gray
The world is coming through in waves
And though I don't know why it is
Everything is painted evil
I'm wandering through the graves
I can't seem to read the letters on the stones
But if you know what you might find
Buried deep inside the ground
It's painted evil, and it's lost
And if you smoke a cigarette
Phasing in and out of death
You'll notice something of a bet
Against evil, regardless
A bet for fools
Now the world is getting colder
My mind is tired; I'm getting older
Though I'm only eighteen
I know what I have seen
And it's more than I can bear
For a lifetime
But if you know what you might find
Buried deep inside the ground
It's painted evil, and it's lost
And if you smoke a cigarette
Phasing in and out of death
You'll notice something of a bet
Against evil, regardless
So now the day is done
I'm not afraid to run
I don't belong here
Far away
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music by ninjarat1 music :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 0 3 Embryonic Mastermind by ninjarat1 Embryonic Mastermind :iconninjarat1:ninjarat1 4 5

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Bill Whitacre
United States
I'm completely free. How about you?

Current Residence: Columbia, Missouri, USA
Favourite genre of music: Very eclectic when it comes to music, though usually Metal, Progressive Rock, Folk, or Jazz.
Favourite photographer: Humus (
Favourite style of art: I want it all!
Operating System: Ubuntu 10.10
MP3 player of choice: hacked iPod
Shell of choice: BASH
Personal Quote: If life is but a dream, then we are the dreamers.
  • Listening to: Dream Theater
  • Reading: The Giver
  • Watching: The Simpsons Movie
  • Playing: Ocarina of Time
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: still no beer T_T
Well, most of the new art is on my walls, and after looking at how much work it would be to put it all back up... I decided to leave it put.  I'll take a picture of my wall instead!  Every inch is covered in doodles.  I'm hard at work on a videogame project now, which leaves limited time for drawing, but I will still post doodles regularly, and I will try to crank out a good piece of digital art or a painting about once a month.  I'm not the writer I used to be... I think it's the meds.  I haven't really been nearly as poetic or zealous or... well anything, but at least I don't have manic episodes anymore.

I'm pretty excited to be back, and I must say, I'm fairly jealous of how fast my fiancee strangersintolovers has accumulated followers.


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